How the project is born

OMNIAGE, initially born of a scientific research, is a system consisting of an app and an inertial sensor, thanks to which, by using it for a few minutes a month, it allows you to measure your walking and balance and therefore allows you to promote active aging. The project is the result of scientific research coordinated by the Milan Polytechnic and the University of Milan and then follow an independent path within AppY Lab that is taking care of the development of the mobile application and desktop version for doctors and physiotherapists, as well as the realization of an industrial model of the inertial sensor. Today, thanks also to the contribution of the Filarete Foundation with the acceleration path won at the Marzotto 2018 Prize, we are closer to the completion of the project and the launch of the product on the market.


The longevity of the population makes more and more necessary methods and tools to promote active aging; control of the risk of falling ever higher and with an important health problem with consequences of disability. OMNIAGE allows you to monitor the balance and walking to promote active aging and control the risk of falling at home, without the presence of the doctor and easily through the smartphone and a wearable sensor. Moreover, thanks to the integrated machine learning algorithms, OMNIAGE predicts 9 times out of 10 if the user has a high risk of falling within a year. OMNIAGEis also suitable to support doctors and physiotherapists for rehabilitation treatments.

How does it work

Let's see how it works: the user wears a comfortable elastic band in which there is an inertial sensor, then through the app you perform some simple exercises guided by the application and finally after a few minutes you can remove the elastic band and wait for the result, almost immediately, on the state of equilibrium shown by a simple traffic light:

it is suggested to share corrective action with your doctor

we recommend a visit to the doctor of assessment

excellent balance and walking

What we will do with the money collected

We will use the funds for:

  • Terminate the development of the app
  • Complete the design and launch the wearable device production
  • Define marketing activities in the area with the distribution chain of pharmacies

The team that works there

Massimo Walter Rivolta

Founder of the initiative that gave rise to the FALLENG solution

Di Battista

He deals with the development of the business model


Alberto Giannone

He deals with the development of the business model


He deals with the development of the business model

Del Peschio

Implementation of the front end application part


Complete the development

We will concentrate our efforts on consolidating IT development and extending the design of the HW device

Marketing and production

In the first half of 2021 we will launch and implement marketing and commercial activities on the territory and online

Final release of OMNIAGE

We expect to deliver the devices in the second half of 2021 with the official launch of OMNIAGE