Photo and video gallery

In this section will be shown all the photos and videos related to the FallEng project.
Many photos refer to the participation and acknowledgments acquired during the various conferences and competitions.

Video presentation of the project

In this video the FallEng project is presented, from how it is born to how it develops.
Furthermore, the general functioning of the application is described and the machine learning algorithm is described, which regulates the patient's movements and allows the acquisition of the data necessary for making an analysis. The guidelines for the correct and simple use of both the app and the sensor are also defined. The latter in particular, indispensable for carrying out the various tests.

Field tests

On 7 July 2018 FallEng was shot on some patients of a clinic, who wore the appropriate sensor and performed the various timed tests scheduled. It was certainly an excellent opportunity to test the system applied to a real context, collect data and conduct statistics on the matter.