Marzotto Award 2018: the 32 startups chosen by Incubators and Scientific Parks.

Marzotto Award 2018: the 32 startups chosen by Incubators and Scientific Parks.

The most awarded are from Lombardia , are active in the Biotech and HealthCare and have founder in their thirties: we are talking about 32 Italian startups who will work alongside companies because they won the Finals of the Incubators and Scientific and Technological Parks Network in the 8th edition of the Marzotto Award 2018, < a href = "" target = "_ blank" rel = "noopener"> the richest contest in Italy dedicated to young innovative companies . The final of this stage of the Prize took place on Thursday, June 28th at the headquarters of Microsoft Italia in Milan signed by Herzog & amp; De Meuron. The jackpot has a total value of over 1 million euros.

L at the final of the Marzotto 2018 Prize will take place on November 22nd in Rome.

For Microsoft Italia participated Barbara Cominelli, COO Microsoft Italy (pictured above). Cristiano Seganfreddo , director of Progetto Marzotto , said: “Italian incubators and accelerators are places of future scattered like a leopard in the Italian provinces. They maintain a propensity for research and fundamental inspiration, not only for young entrepreneurs but for the territory and for young people and small businesses in those places. They are places of active resistance. Today the challenge is global and increasingly punctual. With this edition of the Award we have found more quality and awareness. Not just simple ideas or found, but real companies that have to grow and develop in the market “.

Lombardy is the most awarded region in the first stage of the 2018 Marzotto Prize with twelve winning startups. Follow Emilia Romagna with five, Lazio with three, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont, Puglia and Veneto with two winners each and finally Campania, Marche, Sardinia and Sicily with one each. This figure is also reflected on a large scale, when at the end of the call for proposals, on 14 May, among the more than 600 applications for the Award, Lombardy held the highest number of registered startups.

As for the sectors in which the 32 selected startups operate, Bio / Med / Life Science / Health Care is the sector with the highest number of holdings, eight. Following ICT / IOT Tech with seven registrations; you are the start-ups of Agro / Food Tech and Social Innovation; four operating ones in Clean / Energy Tech; three those that fall under Fin / Reg Tech and New Materials; two those related to Auto / Moto Tech, Bulding / Real Estate Tech, Fashion / Supplies / Design Tech, Industry 4.0 and Transportation / Logistic; finally, Entertainment / Education, Media / Publishing Tech and Sport Tech with an adhesion. Also in this case we confirm the data collected at the end of the call for tenders, which saw Health Care and Agro / Food Tech at the top of the areas of expertise.

The average age of the participating teams found for this competition category, Company Idea Prize, is 36 years, compared to 38 of the Company Prize.

FILARETE FOUNDATION / Milan has chosen FALLENG / Cremona & gt; Lombardy Sectors: Bio / Med / Life Science – Health Care, ICT / IOT Tech FALLENG is an integrated system for the automatic assessment of the risk of falls in the elderly. Typology of business: BtoB | Progress: prototype Average age: 38 years

The event also saw the participation of Federico Barilli , Secretary General of Italia Startu p, who said: “We are pleased, after 5 years of collaboration, to find that the involvement of both Italian innovation centers and selected startups is very substantial. We know how important and delicate this phase of the first acceleration of young Italian innovative companies and how decisive the role of those accompanying them in the growth process can be. The Prize in this sense carries out a very valuable task and facilitates the crossing of the territory between enabling subjects and innovative startups “. Gianluca Carenzo , President APSTI , said: “For the development of startups, places of innovation – science parks and technological centers – are fundamental because they allow us to benefit in a only context of competences, avant-garde technological infrastructures and network of excellence. Making technology transfer is the basis for building an ecosystem of sustainable innovation and demonstrating that it can be done in Italy “.